How to throw a #sawasouthsudan event

The best way to amplify #SawaSouthSudan's calls and messages is to watch and participate with a group of people, however big or small, whether with your friends, loved ones, or work colleagues.

Use the occasion to celebrate Africa Day! Organize a small party where people can watch or listen to the live-stream of #SawaSouthSudan, and submit questions or comments via Facebook, Twitter, or SMS/WhatsApp. Hold a larger event at your work place or community center with keynote speeches from women leaders, music, art, panel discussions, while also watching the Summit and engaging with it. You can even watch it with friends and family at home over a meal.

At a minimum, you will need a computer with a decent internet connection to watch the live-stream of #SawaSouthSudan. If you are having an event with many people, consider linking your computer to a television or projector so everyone can watch on a larger screen. In South Sudan, it will be possible to tune-in via radio broadcast.

Otherwise, you can make your #SawaSouthSudan event in any shape you want it to be. Print out a list of facts about South Sudan, including how people are being affected by the war. Engage in a debate about what African Union leaders must do, and even what your country's leaders can do to support women and peace in South Sudan. This is your chance to speak up -- your voice will be heard!


At a minimum, you can just watch or listen to the live-stream. But there is so much more you can do. For example:

  • Contribute! Send in your questions, commends or ideas by tweeting with #SawaSouthSudan or submitting a question here. We'll be monitoring public contributions in real-time, and will be feeding them into the discussions and interviews during the Summit's production in Nairobi. Hosts will frequently tell their audiences what people are saying, and may even ask your question directly to the political VIP being interviewed.
  • Take a selfie! Show the world that you're in solidarity with South Sudanese women. Take a photo of yourself, or of you and the group you're with, and post it online with the hashtag #SawaSouthSudan. Keep large pieces of blank paper and thick markers to write simple and bold messages to hold up when you take your selfie.
  • Make a commitment! Write a list of what you and your group will do to continue supporting South Sudanese women. This can be anything from continuing to post messages on social media with #SawaSouthSudan for the following week, or writing a letter to your local newspaper, or writing a letter to your government representatives.