About the summit

#SawaSouthSudan Summit


Seven years of independence. Five years of war. Millions banished from their homes by violence and hunger. Women exposed to the worst forms of physical and sexual violence.  

Women have suffered, have struggled to protect their families, have too often been pushed to the side in peace talks dominated by men who took up arms.  

And women have also led. They have the power to build communities, inspire solidarity, demand peace.  

The future of South Sudan and the stability of the region is being mortgaged away by men who believe the only solution to conflict comes at the barrel of a gun.  

No more. 

Women’s voices must be heard. Their vision of how to secure peace must be embraced. Sisters across Africa and the world will stand in solidarity. We will unite, we will act together.”On this year's Africa Day #SawaSouthSudan will bring together influential women leaders from South Sudan, the African continent and the wider world in a Virtual Summit to elevate the voices of South Sudan's women, to galvanize international support and to foster dialogue around solutions for a lasting and equitable peace.  

They will come together to discuss the human toll of this war, the devastating impunity, and the potential for African solidarity to transform efforts to build peace in this young country. Viewers from all over the world will be able to join the live discussion, participate on social media, and watch messages from inspirational women from around the world. For those unable to get online within South Sudan, the Summit will be aired via radio broadcast and listeners will be able to participate by SMS.  

Sawa means 'together' and sawa means 'ready' - and together we are ready to show solidarity with our sisters in South Sudan.